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Wiltshire Garden Design

Sherborne House, Marlborough, Wiltshire.

The brief: ‘Create a garden with formal areas for entertaining, play areas, fishing ponds and interesting garden rooms.’

This was one of our largest private garden designs at just under three acres. The garden around the curtilage of the house was simple landscaping as left by the builder, the field where two large ponds were to be built had their own challenges, formally known as ‘The Bog’ the ground water rose at 3000 gallons per hour.

The front and rear curtilage gardens were given an Italian feel using cup. sempervirens column conifers, a formal water piece, seating areas and all year round plant interest, climbing plants to brick walls and a replacement surface to the drive.

The front oriental pond had to be rebuilt as it had collapsed and was part of a nearby balancing pond. The original clay puddling was removed and a liner installed with DesignWood edging, new natural stone walls and path with a cantilever deck. A filter system along with an underground drainage system and ground water sump were built to accommodate the rising water table. The water garden was then planted with an oriental feel nestled in its own sunken environment.

The lakes created for fishing were lined with an industrial type liner, in total holding over 1.5 million gallons of water. Attaining planning permission and installing a bore hole the ponds were fed with natural water and are interlinked by a waterfall which acts to top up one lake to the other and can be operated by other installed pumps to be just a waterfall. The brief and planning permission was to create a natural area which was done with indigenous trees, reed beds and wild flower meadows. The whole area has an underground drainage system which copes with the rising water table.

The job took one year 3 months and was completed in January 2001

Nick’s transparent approach, design brilliance and adaptability are without question, the work he has done for us over the last nine years is now maturing into a masterpiece.
A. Wood. CEO WCI. Marlborough, Wilts.

Front Garden - Before

Front Garden - Completed

Front Garden - Completed

Front Pond - Before

Front Pond - Just Finished

Front Pond - Matured

Rear Garden - Before

Rear Garden - Completed

Rear Garden - Completed

Rear Lake - Before

Rear Lake - During

Rear Lake - Matured


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